10 Things you Need in Your Startup Pitch

Ever wondered what an investor pitch deck should look like from an investor perspective? In this blog post we’ll dive deep into what your deck should include and what you should avoid.

10 Things you Need in Your Startup Pitch

The presentation

First impressions lasting, that’s why your presentation layout should be clean, readable and informative.

Most decks are between 10 to 15 slides and should at the bare minimum include the following:

  • Company Overview (including your vision and mission)
  • The Team
  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The customers
  • The competition
  • The business model
  • The marketing plan
  • The financials
  • The ask

The Company Overview

The overview should be both intriguing and explanatory, where the business idea should be explained with 4 to 6 bullet points. This should include the business nature, what problems are presented in the market, the solution and the brand elements.

The main purpose of the slides are to capture the attention of potential investors, so key information should be presented clearly.

The Team

The team introduces the people in the business, as energetic and experienced individuals. A summary of previous employment history would be beneficial for investors to understand the capabilities of the employees. This is especially important as investors look at why you’re the reason to solve this problem in the market.

Photos and titles of each founder and senior management should be included so that investors recognise the important people in all aspects of the business.

The Problem

The problem defines the market that the business is allocated in, elaborates on the issue found in the market and builds upon the matter. It should also include the discovery of internal and external factors that affect the business, such as the political landscape, social factors, technology difficulties and legal issues.

Moreover, it should cover who is involved and why the problem is important and worth spending time and capital on. Who would benefit from creating a solution to the problem, whether it is working out the problem or creating revenue and return for investors.

The Product

The most important part of any business is the product orservice that it provides. It is the solution to the problem in the previous slide. What the business brings to the market should be elaborated upon with the following details:

  • What problem it aims to solve
  • ho the target customers are,
  • Projection of the product milestones and
  • How it differentiates itself from competitors
  • The unique value proposition

Furthermore, graphics such as photos and videos or the physical sample product would be beneficial for investors to know more about the product instead of lengthy data and words.

The Marketing Plan

The marketing plan should lay out which channel the business will use to promote the product or service, such as offline marketing being roadshows or booths, online marketing being paid media, email, TV marketing campaigns.

Moreover, public relation and early buzz press strategies should also be explored. The main goal for the marketing plan is to identify how the company will attract its first few customers and make sure they will continue to go back.

The Financial Plan

Investors would be interested in how their capital is being spent and the “burn rate” (the amount of money used when developing and marketing of the product) of their investment.

The financial plan should include 3-year-plan and 5-year-plan, where key performance index (KPI) such as annual revenues, profit before and after tax would be introduced in a clear and descriptive manner so that investors could have solid expectations and understanding of where the company is aiming to go and when they can expect their money returned.

Do and Don’t(s)

There are a few things that you should include and should not include in your startup pitch.

  • Do not be too wordy
  • The attention span of investors is limited! Do not fill the whole presentation slides with words.
  • Less than 20 slides, if you want to include more information, include it in the appendix
  • Be consistent
  • Use consistent font size and style for headings and body as it is easier to read
  • Do not use slang and jargon to avoid misunderstanding and make the pitch simple to understand.
  • Make it interesting
  • Creating a compelling story is crucial in obtaining investment, you have to be aware of what the investors are expecting to see.
  • Find an interesting layout so that it doesn’t look dull and outdated.

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