8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

Keeping your employees happy and motivated is crucial to the success of your company. Happy employees are more productive and motivated, which means they’re more likely to stick around and less likely to leave for a competitor.

8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

According to The Employee Satisfaction Survey, 89% of the employees are overall satisfied with their job which is a record high in the last decade. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reported that 19% of the employees who were disengaged with their work felt their boss didn't listen to them or they didn't have the right tools for their job.

So how can you keep your employees happy and motivated? Here are 8 ways of boosting employee satisfaction levels.

  1. Provide a space for interaction
  2. Breaking routines
  3. Set Goals
  4. Passionate Projects
  5. Celebrate Milestones
  6. Challenge the team
  7. Rewards
  8. Friendship

1) Provide a space for interactions

No matter if it is a physical office, cafe area, or online communication platform like “Slack”, having a platform for knowledge sharing and a quick chat between employees could have beneficial effects on employee satisfaction. A happy, engaging employee could boost team morale, which could lead to a ripple effect in the employee circle.

2) Breaking routines

Although routines are beneficial in reducing decision fatigue, doing things off the book is crucial in keeping the work environment fun and exciting. Occasion half-day leave or group activities such as yoga lessons are ways to keep the workplace thrilling.

3) Set goals

Mapping goals is crucial in keeping the team morale high as it not only provides clear goals and guidelines for employees, it also works as an indicator of the progress of employees and the company as a whole. By setting a common goal, it allows employees to know their part in the big picture of the direction of the company and let them know that they are contributing to it.

4) Passionate Project

No employee would want to be doing the same business over and over again, if they have innovative ideas, let them create a project on it! Having projects that employees are passionate about would spark creative ideas and keep the workplace exciting while keeping them on track of the overall direction of the company.

5) Celebrate Milestones

A way of motivation is through encouragement, employees could use a little recognition on their work or the overall progress of the company. The celebration does not have to be costly, a simple drink in a local bar or a cake with their name on it would be enough to keep the commitment and incentive of employees high.

6) Challenge the team

Another way of motivation is through challenges, employees start to normalize the challenges of their position and would feel numb facing them everyday. Hence an input of challenge would keep the work fresh and exciting as stress and discomfort sparks creativity. Creating short term challenges that can be completed at the end of the day could prompt a satisfying push towards their work motivation.

7) Rewards

Providing employees with more than just a monthly paycheck is the minimum of keeping employees to continue working. While monetary rewards are most practical, simple rewards such as a mug or a fake golden statue with words “employee of the month” would create a sense of accomplishment and accountability for employees that their work is being valued.

8) Friendship

According to studies, friends are what 70% of employees would identify as the motivation to come to work. While employers cannot force formation of friendship, social events could be facilitated, social interactions can be encouraged and introduced via internal celebrations or meetups. When there are more interpersonal connections within colleagues, they are more willing to sacrifice for the team as work is more enjoyable.

There are numerous ways to make the workplace a more thrilling and enjoyable place rather than a traditional 9 to 5 office with little interactions between boss and colleagues. There is no shortage in what you can do to improve employees’ work satisfaction and keep it high during times in the business cycle by setting goals, creating challenges,  providing guidance, and providing a space for interaction.