DataPost x Zetl

With advances in technology and varieties of communication applications, the majority of information is transferred online compared to a few years ago where many industries required a secure medium for internal and external communication exchange...

DataPost x Zetl

Increased awareness for data security and protection has been one of the major trends of 2021 due to government regulations and pressure from private companies internationally. Yet there are cases of confidential data leakages, hence a safe and well-established medium of data transfer is desired for data-heavy documents.

Who is DataPost?

DataPost has been a pioneer in data security and transfer ever since its establishment in 1994, through digitization, e-invoicing and multichannel delivery. DataPost has been able to thrive in the secured data services industry and is the largest entity in the field in Singapore. Its service partners range from financial institutions, banks, Government and insurance agencies to telecommunication organizations.

How does DataPost work?

“We are a certified access point provider to help connect organizations to the InvoiceNow network,” said a representative from Datapost.

With over 25 years of experience, DataPost has been certified by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and provided guidance on the process of being an Access Point (AP) Provider.

“We are a trusted and certified secured handling data company with a good track record with government agencies. We onboard customers to the Peppol network on the same day itself, have quick response time, IT support and we are also AGD compliant.”

DataPost has the capability and capacity to operate data processing from digital to physical copies and outputs according to the demand of the customer. Their operations are monitored and audited by government officials and external auditors abiding by guidelines of the local regulatory requirements.

With over 40 million impressions conducted and transferred per month, DataPost has proven to be the trusted leader in the secured data handling industry.

Challenges and Roadblocks

“At present, invoices are still mostly hardcopy. It takes up a lot of time and it is inefficient as it is tedious and error-prone resulting in delayed payments. By going digital, the pain points that customers used to face are now addressed with InvoiceNow (e-invoicing).”

One of the challenges faced by DataPost is the conventional mindset of businesses that uses physical copies of invoices.

“Most traditional businesses are comfortable with their existing processes and are concerned about costs and having to learn a new technology/software.”

The major roadblock of DataPost is the fear from traditional businesses that there would be an increased cost of the procedures due to hiring external parties for operations.

“We have 25 years of experience in data privacy and transactional data allowing your business to automate effectively with faster processing and lower operational costs.”

According to their response, by providing an automated and optimized multi-channel communication process, they would be able to reduce processing costs and time.

Future Growth

DataPost is ambitious when asked about their plans and propositions to launch more products and solutions to adapt to different business models.

“We foresee that InvoiceNow will be the main invoicing platform in Singapore in the next 2 years so we see a huge growth in this aspect.”

The current plan of DataPost is to enrich the digitizing experience for company operations and processes while further developing the trust between traditional businesses with the idea of digitalization. More adaptive business models and products will be announced publicly in the future.