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Why Zetl?

We started Zetl to help grow the next generation of businesses in Asia.

You’re winning new business and need to increase your headcount. But you need to ensure you are able to maintain healthy cash flow if clients don’t pay on time.


Your clients won’t know that you’ve taken financing.


You don’t need to come into our offices. You can do everything online.


Our customers receive same-day funding.

No personal

We believe business risk should be kept separate from personal liability.

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Your business is growing fast. You’re winning new mandates and want to ensure that even if your clients settle late, you’ll still be able to pay your staff and contractors on time.

  • Have the financial backing to compete, win, and deliver mandates–no matter the size
  • No financial stress when your clients miss invoice deadlines
  • Payroll staff/contractors globally without huge deposits


You’re working with great clients but their payment terms don’t match your monthly obligations. You don’t want to commit to a 3-year term loan just so you can bridge short-term cashflow needs.

  • Unlock working capital from your raised invoices, fast
  • Manage short-term cashflow shocks
  • Pay out staff commissions early
  • Fairly share the financial risk by putting it on the business, not an individual
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