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Did you know there are over 40,000 licenses registered with the SFC?

If you looked at one profile every 15 seconds non-stop and skipped the zzz's it would still take you 7 days to go through that many licenses!

We look at each and every license, every day and log all the changes for you.


Individuals licensed under section120(1) of the SFO to carry on one or more regulated activities for a licensed corporation to which s/he is accredited.

Responsible Officers

A licensed representative who is also approved as a responsible officer under section 126 of the SFO to supervise the regulated activity of the licensed corporation to which s/he is accredited.

Licensed Corporations

A corporation (that is not an authorized financial institution) which is granted a licence to carry on one or more regulated activities under section 116 of the SFO.

Registered Institutions

Authorized financial institutions conducting more than one regulated activity, other than Type 3 (leveraged foreign exchange trading) and Type 8 (securities margin financing).

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