About Us

Zetl is Asia-Pacific’s first financing company for asset-light businesses. We help services businesses with their monthly operating expenses by providing growth, payroll, and working capital financing.


Zetl is headquartered in Hong Kong with a mission to finance the next generation of businesses in Asia-Pacific. These are often young companies without a multi-year operating history that don’t have equipment, inventory, or property which they can use for financing. Zetl offers flexible financing solutions for them that are fully confidential, digital, fast, and require no personal guarantees.



Shan Han, Co-founder and CEO

“I started my professional career in finance but have been doing fintech startups for the last 7 years. Prior to Zetl, I ran a personal project to launch 12 startups in 12 months!

I started Zetl because of my firsthand experience of how difficult it is for the new generation of companies to get access to fast, flexible financing. In a previous business, I had to empty my bank account to bridge long payment terms and that was an intensely difficult period personally. My goal with Zetl is to ensure that other business owners don’t have to go through that same experience I did.”

Matthew Roberts, Co-founder and Finance Director

“Originally from the UK, I started my career in capital markets, focussed on asset-backed lending at investment banks. I have been investing in mainly fintech-based start-ups for almost 10 years as an angel investor, and am a big advocate of the healthy impact they have had on legacy financial services for businesses and consumers alike. I am incredibly proud of the rockstar team we have at Zetl and their belief in ensuring our customers are successful with access to more inclusive financial products.

We started Zetl to help finance an underbanked but growing part of APAC’s economies. Having seen the contrasts in banking in the UK (where fintech was born) compared to that of Asia, I was excited about bringing better services to businesses in the region”


Mark Francis, Co-founder and Commercial Director

“I’m a third culture kid, born in Hong Kong, and began my career within the financial services recruitment sector 14 years ago. I’ve been an active angel investor over the last 8 years within the Fintech and HR sectors, and also co-founded two Asia-Pacific focused executive search firms.

As a recruitment business owner in Hong Kong I was frustrated by the limited options available for asset-light SMEs in APAC. Having experienced how slow and frustrating the process could be with commercial banks, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, I set out to make the change I wanted to see in the market. With a strong and complementary founding team in place, alongside Shan and Matt, we are bringing fast, flexible and fully digital financing to the region!”





Here at Zetl, we’re always looking for passionate, entrepreneurial and driven people. We have an international team in over 5 countries across 2 different continents. If you’re looking for a new adventure in a fast-paced environment at a high growth company, check out our job board or submit your CV and reason why you would be the right candidate to hire to [email protected]