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About Us

What type of financing does Zetl provide?

Where do you operate?

Will my customer know that I use Zetl?

How is Zetl different from a traditional bank?

How can I refer a business to Zetl?

Does Zetl offer white label services? Meaning how can I resell your services?

Account Opening

What is a Zetl account and how do I set one up?

Can I create multiple Zetl accounts for the same company?

Can I have multiple companies under the same Zetl account?

How long does sign-up usually take?

What are the documents required for assessment?

Will you do a credit check on my client?

How long does it take to receive funds?

Do I need a personal guarantee?

What if I’ve been refused a business loan in the past?

How much capital will I be able to access?

What makes Zetl different from other lenders out there?

I am a retailer and want to move to e-commerce and set up my e-shop. Can I use Zetl?

I am an individual consumer. Can I ask for a personal loan?

I am a serial entrepreneur and have multiple businesses and need funding for product development, wages, and also we won a big project with the government. How should I set up my account for multiple businesses?

Why should I get funding from Zetl while I am eligible to get funding from the government?

Pricing and Repayment

I have multiple business entities across APAC. How can I get cheaper rates for my fundings? Which country should we apply from?

Can I get funding on my personal bank account?

Can I get funding in 3rd party bank accounts?

I have a SaaS business and the churn is very high. How can Zetl help fund next year's revenue, which might be volatile?

What are the fees involved?

What if my client doesn’t pay on time?

How do I repay you?

How can I get a better interest rate?


What is the maximum financing amount?

Are there any limitations to what I can use the funds for?

How are the loans secured?

How do the cash flows work for the credit line?

Can I get funding from Zetl for M&A (merger & acquisitions)?

Will Zetl help me to hire people internationally as well?

I want to hire people overseas and expand my business in APAC. How can Zetl help?

Will Zetl invest in my company as well against equity?


Why should I connect with Xero?

Do you offer integrations with Quickbooks / other accounting software?