FundFluent and Zetl join forces to bring you better funding insights and options in Hong Kong

Zetl is pleased to announce our new partnership with FundFluent. Together, we're able to provide more accessible funding insights and options for startups and SMEs in Hong Kong.

FundFluent and Zetl join forces to bring you better funding insights and options in Hong Kong

Launched in 2021, FundFluent helps small businesses gain insights and access to funding in Hong Kong. Startups and SMEs are able to leverage their data to grow their business faster.

Zetl’s mission is to finance the next generation of businesses in Asia-Pacific, so partnering with a new and innovative company like FundFluent was an easy decision.

“Through our platform, businesses connect their applications, upload information and visualise their growth. The main feature is the ability to explore flexible funding options which are specific to their current financial situation,” said Wilson Tai, Co-Founder of FundFluent.

FundFluent has partnered with a network of lending partners to provide funding options that are best suited to a company’s current stage of growth. For Zetl, these will be companies that are post-revenue, have a steady stream of revenue and are service-based, like SaaS businesses.

We’ve interviewed Wilson, who passionately discussed his business with us.

"Our vision is to empower the world to become more SME friendly. Our BIG business is to empower small businesses.
The pain points of SMEs are universally felt across the Asia-Pacific region, where 98% of businesses are SMEs. By the end of this year, we hope to extend our service offerings to our second market in the Asia-Pacific region — Singapore."

Growing rapidly, so more businesses are benefited

Wilson explained, "We’ve built our product, services and technology with scalability in mind. So over the next two years, we hope to support and empower as many SMEs as we can across this region and provide the technology for lenders to better service the funding needs of new-age businesses.

We are currently focusing on two sub-segments in our launch market Hong Kong E-commerce companies and SaaS companies (those with reoccurring revenue streams and service businesses)"

New Norm - Technology and Data

Wilson added that "Besides the huge e-commerce boom and the fundamental shifts that we are all collectively making towards digital transformation, we see the next wave of businesses being digitally native.

With a tool stack from day one where sales, marketing, customer and financial data are sitting across digital tools which we trust and love, we want to help these two segments with high-growth potential to be able to leverage data to access capital.

We’ve built FundFluent with financial inclusion in mind, so no product or service excludes small businesses which are outside of our target segments. We are always looking to support small businesses.

It’s just that for our target segments, they may find it simpler when providing information because connecting their applications and sharing information with us, is only a click away.”

Zetl is looking forward to this fruitful partnership as we both want to help the underbanked startup and SME segment in Asia-Pacific.

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