Case Studies

Case study: Staffing

Our customer, a global staffing agency, won a 12-month project to place 100 contractors at a bank in Hong Kong.

In a previous contract with this bank they suffered from delayed payments and had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars they didn’t have for wages – or risk losing the contractors.

Concerned about delayed invoices again, they signed up with Zetl. Now at the end of every month, Zetl ensures that there is enough cash available to pay the contractors–even if the invoices are delayed.

Case study: R&D

Our customer, a fast-growing tech company in Singapore won a 6-month contract to deliver a digital solution for the Government.

In order to deliver, they needed to hire 9 contractors. The contractors required monthly payment but the invoices are only paid every 90 days.

Zetl ensures the contractors are paid on time every month, smoothing out the cash flow and ensuring the customer doesn’t have to find 3 months’ worth of salary for the contractors every quarter.

Case study: Startups

Our customer, an AI software company, won two major clients but settled on 60 and 90 day payment terms.

In order to deliver, they needed to pay the installation for the hardware and software upfront, but did not have the working capital to do so.

Zetl made sure they could keep these clients by financing their initial costs. They only had to repay once the clients had settled.