Zetl FAQ

Got a question about our services at Zetl? Check out our FAQ guide below to see if your question has been answered!

Got a question about our services at Zetl?  
Check out our FAQ guide below to see if your question has been answered!

What products do you offer?
We offer single invoice discounting, full turnover discounting, credit facility, wage advances, and payroll services.

What are the fees involved?
Prices vary depending on your finances and your client. Rates typically start from 1.8% per month. No hidden fees, ever.

What is the maximum financing amount?
The maximum financing amount is up to USD 500,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

What if my client doesn’t pay on time?
You pay when your client pays. If there’s a prolonged issue with the payment you can substitute in a new invoice or other accounts receivables, subject to our approval.

Where do you operate?
Currently, we can finance your growth throughout APAC if you have a holding company in either Hong Kong or Singapore. We’ll be expanding to other countries soon. Through our partners we are able to finance your payroll globally.

Are there any limitations to what I can use the funds for?
Our funding is typically used for monthly operating expenses but can be used to invest in growth in order to win new business. For this, we can provide a pre-approved credit limit so that you can see how much financing you are eligible for on new revenue opportunities.

What is a Zetl account and how do I set one up?
A Zetl account is the account you set up on our website to apply for any one of our financial products. Read our blog post on how to set up your Zetl account.

How long does sign-up usually take?
Our online onboarding process is usually completed within 3-5 days but can be completed sooner.

What are the documents required for assessment?
Generally, we require documents pertaining to your director KYC, client information and the invoice you want funded. You will be guided in detail on what is needed when you submit your invoice with us, but the documents we typically require are your company incorporation details, proof of shareholder(s)’ and director(s)’ identities and their addresses, proof of service delivery and the service agreement with your client. We need this information before we can fund your invoice.

How are the loans secured?
Our loans are typically secured by your accounts receivables, although we also provide unsecured lending in Singapore. In addition, unlike other firms in Hong Kong and Singapore, we don’t require personal guarantees in order to fund you. We believe that personal guarantees leave SME business owners with debt burdens they can’t afford, which can push them into debt bondage.

Will my customer know that I use Zetl?
No, your client never needs to know about Zetl. All funding is completely confidential, financed on a non-notified basis.

Will you do a credit check on my client?
We’ll conduct some due diligence on your client for you, and your client won’t know.

How is Zetl different from a traditional bank?
Simply put, Zetl is not a bank. However, we are regulated where required and adhere to industry best practices around customer care, privacy and compliance. Through our technology, we are able to provide the financing you need in a shorter period of time, in as fast as under 24 hours.